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Information/Guidance Notes for Prospective Tenants - Please read these very carefully

Should you have any questions regarding any aspect of renting a property, please ask at the earliest opportunity to avoid wasted time, expense or any misunderstandings.

The type of tenancy

Will normally be an assured shorthold tenancy for a minimum contract of twelve calendar months.


Is payable per calendar month, in advance, usually by Standing Order. You may be asked to pay an adjusted amount of rent initially to bring the rent due date to the first of each month.


Of an amount equivalent to between one and two months’ rent will be required in advance to be held against damage, dilapidations, non-payment of rent, etc., and is returnable, less such deductions, after vacation at the end of the tenancy. Please note that where we are acting as Managing Agents for the property, the deposit will normally be held, as the landlord’s agent, by ourselves and registered with TDS. If we are simply providing a Letting Only service, the deposit may be forwarded on to your landlord to be dealt with upon vacation. It is your responsibility to ensure that your deposit has been registered with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Having found a suitable property

A formal APPLICATION FORM must usually be submitted for each adult who will live regularly in the property. All such adults will be named on the tenancy agreement and will therefore be fully and jointly responsible for the property. If the second applicant is a non-working spouse, a separate application form is not always necessary. Please ask. We always take up references on applicants. These can be any combination taken from information provided in the application form. Applicants should be earning 30 times the amount of the monthly rental e.g. 30 x £600pcm = £18,000 salary p.a. Applicants should also be in PERMANENT employment. If your earnings do not meet the required criteria or you are not in permanent employment we can ask the landlord if they will accept a guarantor, who will need to meet the required criteria. Please ask if you are uncertain.

During the term of the tenancy

Unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing, the tenants are responsible for payment of all utilities/services at the property and this includes Gas, Electricity, Oil, Coal, Water and Sewage charges, Council Tax, Telephone charges, TV Licence and any charges associated with the usage of cable or satellite television. You are responsible for keeping the property and its contents in a clean and tidy condition, including the regular upkeep of any garden. You as a tenant are responsible for replacing “everyday consumables” such as: light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters, vacuum cleaner bags, batteries for doorbells or smoke detectors or remote handsets etc. You must not carry out any redecoration to the property or put nails in walls etc., without specific written permission, and you must not carry out unauthorised repairs, except in an emergency. The property and contents must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the tenancy.
You are liable to insure your own items that you take to the property. We can obtain quotations for you if you wish.

If you leave the property before the end of the tenancy

You may still be held legally liable and responsible for all your obligations and costs under the tenancy agreement. Please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you have a problem or you are unsure of what the required legal procedures are for you to give correct notice to end your tenancy.


Of a tenancy cannot be finally given until satisfactory references have been obtained, we have our client’s final consent, all legal documentation has been signed, and all moneys due have been paid over and cleared. An application may be rejected at any time and no correspondence regarding the reasons for a rejection will be entered into.

Your initial account

Payment of rent, deposit and balance of any other monies due must be paid prior to commencing a tenancy. This money should be paid by debit card, Banker’s Draft or bank transfer. 


All tenants must sign the tenancy agreement at the same time at our office address below or by DocuSign:

30 Churchill Way


CF10 2DZ

No keys will be released until all the signatories have signed.